7 Truths You Must Remember in Crisis

The last few days have brought an unwelcome and unforeseen storm. I’m sure, like me, you’ve experienced circumstances and storms that catch you off guard. I’m encouraged and strengthened by the knowledge that I’m not walking this journey alone.

Here are 7 truths I’m convinced are worth remembering during these times:

1. There is ALWAYS TIME TO PRAY! (You’ll “feel” and make things worse if you don’t.)

2. No matter how much you “don’t feel like it”, READ YOUR BIBLE! It is our compass, our true north as it were when it feels like our life is spinning. We need more truth, not more feelings in crisis. (Psalms 46 is a good start.)

3. Don’t believe that you have to be depressed because you encounter something heart breaking. Grieve….yes. Harbor it….no.

4. Make it a point to not make any major decisions when feeling overwhelmed. (Unless absolutely necessary)

5. Make sure you are eating right and getting plenty of rest.

6. Remember you can’t fix people or fix every circumstance. STOP CARRYING THAT RESPONSIBILITY. God’s position is currently filled.

7. Stop what you’re doing now and practice doing #1.

What would you add to this list? Please Share below.