Your Highest Calling Revealed

Prayer Focus: Day 2

I am going to share with you a scripture that while well known by many, stands in absolute contrast to our current culture. It is a beckoning from God; calling us to break away from our “screen scrolling, wifi searching, always plugged in” lives.

Here it is.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

Immediately we might think of literally “stopping all movement” here, but there’s more to this. The translation for the hebrew words here “be still” paint a picture of “hands putting down work”. God is calling us to put down the busyness for what purpose? To remember who God is. To remember that we cannot out work God.  That we cannot busy our way into knowing God intimately. That our lives here are temperary and finite, and He is eternal.

While we all have pressing obligations to attend to and stuff to get done, our highest calling is to first know God. Setting time aside for prayer and meditating on His Word keeps us reminded of who He is.

Take a moment to be still. Turn off your phone, step away from your computer, close the door. Open your Bible and read Psalm 63 a few times slowly. Reflect on the psalmist’s words and ask the Lord to remind you of who He is in your life. Then take some time to respond to Him in worship and thanksgiving. I’m praying with you.

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