Your Forgotten Family

Prayer Focus: Day 3

Something amazing is happening today. All across the world, in nation after nation, millions of people are gathering in homes, sanctuaries, tents and fields…all gathering in the name of Christ to worship and grow in Him.

Now, think about this; this has happened every week for over two thousand years!

What some might see as merely religious duty or habit, scripture clearly teaches us that “The Church” isn’t about going to a religious destination, but a gathering of The Body of Christ. We’ve been adopted in to this massive God glorifying family by Christ’s saving work on the cross. We are truly a God ordained family! We come together to worship, to be equipped for His mission, and to love and serve one another.

However, just like in our own immediate families, we can begin to take our church family for granted. We can begin to see our local church as just “the church I happen to attend.” We can become so focused on our own circumstances and what we need from our church that we forget a crucial truth: God has given us to one another as a gift to love and grow together.

Read and Pray: Take some time to read 1 Corinthians 12. Then spend some time thanking God for this God-given family. Be specific. Ask the Lord to give you a renewed perspective on what being a part of The Church means spiritually and practically. Finally, ask God to give you guidance on how you can bless and help your local church. I’m praying with you.

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