Why You Should Embrace Your Contradictions

We are human and because of this we are walking contradictions. For instance, we desire freedom above all things, yet we are desperately dependent upon God.

I’m no different. I am a man of many contradictions.

Here are just a few:

I am extremely verbal in my thinking, but I need a lot of quiet time.

I come across as extremely extroverted in my role as pastor, but at times I can be extremely introverted.

I believe passionately in being in community, but I have to be very work hard to invest deeply in relationships.

These type of contradictions aren’t hypocrisy. I’m not talking about hypocritical living. I’m talking about how God has wired us. Some of the biggest struggles in my leadership development have been in treating my God crafted uniqueness as dysfunction.  For example, in the past I would get so upset at myself for not wanting to go to a party with lots of people. I’d think to myself, “Why am I acting this way? You’re supposed to love people!”.

At some point in my ministry I began to think that because I loved people I should want to be around people all the time. I’d picked up this external weight and forced myself to “suck it up” and continue to do the very thing that was draining the energy right out of me.

Should we seek to know God? Yes! Should we seek to know ourselves and how He’s created us?  Absolutely. Doing so will allow you to manage the tension of your contradictions and be the very best “you” that God has designed you to be in how you deal with God and others.

Your turn! What are the contradictions you manage in how God has designed you? Share below.