Why You Need To Read the Dirty Laundry in the Bible

There are a million reasons why I love the Bible. One of those reasons: the Bible is brutally honest. It makes no attempt sugar coat the mistakes of its heroes. We see countless examples of God openly sharing the dirty laundry of our pillars of  faith: Abraham the liar, Moses the murderer, David and his adultery, Peter the coward…..I could go on and on. How would you like your life’s biggest mistake to be a sermon material in the best selling book in the history of mankind? No? I’ll pass as well.

So why was God so intentional about having these mistakes of our beloved heroes in scripture? Here are 3 reasons:

1. To Make Much of His Grace: Time and time again we see God’s grace shown to these men and women after some of life’s biggest blow ups. He doesn’t ignore their sin. He deals with it head on and then extends amazing grace. This allows these great leaders go on to do incredible exploits for His glory. He turns what they meant for evil for good every time. God desires to make much of His grace so that we will.

2. So We Could Learn From Their Mistakes: Life’s too short to try and learn from just our own failures. We can grow exponentially if we’ll choose to learn from the mistakes of those we find in scripture. God knows that we can truly can be mentored by the mistakes of others if we’ll take heed and learn from those that have gone before us. We must be life long students of others.

3. To Give us Hope: It’s so easy to deify the men and women in the Bible and miss the point that they were flesh and bone just like you and I. The apostle Paul wrote that Elijah the prophet was “just a man.” When we see these mistakes recorded in scripture, we’re reminded of their humanity and that God chose to use them inspite of their failures. Jesus makes this same hope available to anyone that will embrace him as savior and leader of their life. In your heart you should be yelling, “There’s hope for me too!!!!”

Embrace the honesty of scripture with a desire to grow. Don’t allow the mistakes of your biblical heroes to spin you out. Listen to their counsel. They’re teaching us even today if we’ll listen.

I’d love to hear from you. What lessons have you been able to apply to your own life by learning from the mistakes of our biblical heroes?