Why You Can’t Give Up Today

For the last two months I’ve been teaching my oldest son the piano. It’s been a great way for he and I to connect as father and son. While he’s enjoyed learning, I sometimes wonder if I might be getting even more out of it than he is.

Case in point: Last night during one of our lessons, I noticed Ethan was becoming frustrated and stressed upon reaching a certain measure of music that was proving problematic. He couldn’t seem to get through this portion of the music without messing up. Yet, all the while, keeping time in the background, the metronome clicked back and forth: click, click, click, click, click, click. It marched on not knowing or caring if he’d hit all the right notes or not. Finally, Ethan slumped forward in defeat as if to say, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.’

Turning off the metronome, I said, “You are focused. You are showing up. You are bringing your best. As in the rest of life, don’t let your set backs become permanent. Let’s get back up and start playing again.”

He did and he conquered that troublesome measure.

Time is much like that metronome. It marches on regardless if we’re hitting all the right notes or not. It can be tempting when facing the waves of frustration to kick our bench back and walk away. But, remember…we’ve all been given the opportunity and the gift to play our life’s music. Isn’t resiliency the key; to keep coming back and facing the music as we find it?

Don’t allow your set backs to become permanent road blocks.

Even now, the Maestro Jesus is at your side: teaching, directing, and encouraging you, “Play on!”