Why Many Young Leaders Don’t Grow (It Has Nothing to Do With Them)

For years in ministry I was a mid-level associate pastor leading from the middle. I was passionate about my areas of ministry and passionate about growing as a leader. One problem: many times my leadership growth was stunted by a lack of access to leadership experiences that would have helped me grow exponentially. 

Now I know no mid or lower level leader can be a part of every meeting or conversation. No argument there.

What I will argue with is the leadership style that excludes lower level leaders out of a misguided view that everything must be a secret. While it’s true that church leaders at times deal with sensitive issues, much of what is discussed is not high level “top secret” information that can’t be disclosed to another leader.

More often then not these meetings are filled with teaching moments that are desperately needed by young leaders coming through the pipeline. Leaders that are going to invest in the next generation must make room at the table for those that can only learn there.

As a leader who will you take with you? If you’re a follower have you asked to join the journey?

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever been turned away from the table? What would you add? Share below.