Why Many Christians Have the Gun Issue All Wrong

(This post was written on July 24th, 2012 in the wake of the Aurora, CO shooting. The thought is still helpful today.)

As we live in the wake of the recent shooting we are being blasted by various opinions from each camp, “We need more laws and regulations when it comes to guns!” or “If more people would have had a gun on them it wouldn’t have been as bad.”

We are a confused people. We’ve allowed our views on this issue to be formed by our culture instead of God’s word. We’re addressing symptoms and not the root issue.

The truth is more laws, more guns aren’t the answer. Jesus Christ is.

Jesus Christ is the only one that can change a heart in an instant from being bent toward evil to desiring the things of God.

More laws and more guns merely try to restrain or put down the root problem, humanity’s sin.

If we could invest as much time sharing our faith with the lost as some Christians do trying to promote their gun law agenda or protecting their right to bear arms we could get a great amount of this mission done.

I’m praying for an awakening. Will you join me?