Why I Cancelled Sunday Worship Service on Christmas Day

I’ve done the unthinkable.

For some I’m sure it will be perceived that I have shot Christmas itself right in the heart…….I cancelled Sunday worship service that falls on Christmas day this year.



1 Reason:

We love our staff and volunteers and we love their families.

Our Christmas Eve service traditionally is one of the biggest services we have all year. It will take place on Saturday night where we will have an incredible night celebrating the birth of Christ in song and in the preaching of the word. To ask our staff,volunteers, and their families to sacrifice to make that service happen and then also ask them to come back 13 hrs later to do what we did the night before seemed to smack of trying to check the box to say we had church on Sunday.

I can tell our staff and volunteers that they and their family time are important all day long, but if I can’t make decisions that back that value up it means nothing.

We’re going to be asking our church family to worship the Lord in their homes and to celebrate Christmas with their families on that Sunday.

There will be some that feel no matter what, that we should be having church on that Sunday. Sorry, we’re not. We’re having church on Saturday night. There will be plenty of churches doing services on Sunday morning that I’m sure would love to have you. I know of several great churches that will be. Let me know if you need info.

Merry Christmas and may it be a wonderful Christmas wherever you are.