Where is God’s Healing Power?

Over the course of my ministry I’ve prayed for hundreds of people to be healed from severe disease and injury and I’ve been left with this unspeakable truth: most of them aren’t.

I’ve stood at the bed of those dying from cancer or massive injury countless times and it has been rare that I’ve seen God heal them in this life. I didn’t say never. I said it’s been rare. I have seen God do the miraculous. I’m not talking people being healed of head and back aches, I’m talking about draw dropping WOW miracles (cancer healed, blind seeing, deaf hearing, paralyzed walking), but those have been rare in my experience.

As you read the book of Acts we see that the New Testament church saw healing on what seemed to be a regular basis. The super-natural was natural to them. The Holy Spirit’s power flowing through the apostles was a testimony to those watching and listening that they were sent out by Jesus Christ and that what they spoke was truth!

Yet, we’re left with this question: Why don’t we see as many miracles as frequently as we read of in scripture?

Answer: I don’t know.

I do know that Jesus does heal. I’ve seen it. I am a witness of his power.

I do know that His ways and thoughts are infinitely higher than my own. What, when, and how he chooses to do what He does is infinitely better and all together for our ultimate good.

I do not believe it’s all on us. Many of us feel like the father of the child that Jesus cast the demon out of in Mark 9:24, “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!”. We all could use more faith in a world that constantly draws us to believe in our own human effort and ingenuity. That being said I believe we are in a different season where God has chosen for whatever reason to limit these type of healings.

I do know that God cares more about our spirit more than He does our physical body. For it is our spirit that will live for eternity.

I do know that we’re still called to pray for healing. God’s word never tells us that healing from Him in this life is over. He tells us to believe and pray. We do and we will.

Finally, I’m drawn back to what the great Pastor Charles Spurgeon wrote, “I’ve learned to kiss the wave that strikes me back against the rock of ages.” Spurgeon is saying don’t allow the pain and the struggle of this life to pull you away from God, but thank God for that in this life that forces us to cling to God even tighter.

So even in all the questions I choose to trust God, pray and kiss the wave.

Do this for me: Share below you’re honest experience or struggle with praying and believing for healing.