Where Our Complaining Comes From

My tantrums really don’t look that much different than a child’s. When something in ministry, in a relationship or just life in general doesn’t go the way I want; I can easily fall into the trap of feeling sorry for myself and complaining about my circumstances.

At the root of those adult tantrums is arrogance. It’s arrogance because I am basically saying, “I don’t deserve what’s happening to me.”   I was reminded of this in my reading of the book, Humility: True Greatness, by C.J. Mahaney.True Humility

Mahaney writes:

“Any affliction or circumstance we endure here on earth pales in comparison to what we truly deserve.” 


If you’re like me, we tend to want to script out our life’s circumstances and then get angry when God doesn’t follow our cues. Because of this many of us walk around in life with a chip on our shoulder; frustrated, bitter, and hurting.

C.J. is saying if we think we have it rough in this life, we must remember it’s merely an inkling of what we should have coming to us because of our sin. This perspective can keep our arrogance in check.

Thankfully, through the cross Christ has taken upon himself all that we “truly deserve” if we’ll only place our complete faith in Him. If you’ve done that I invite you to remember that your best life is still ahead of you….heaven. If you haven’t trusted Christ, I invite you to. He’s calling.

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