When You’ve Lost Your Awe For God

No one wants to lose their awe for God. But, it happens.

There are countless heart attractions wooing us every day with their Vegas strip like glimmer. All with one goal in mind: to capture our hearts…to capture our gaze. So, it’s no surprise that we easily find ourselves with hearts numb to the things of God. Our hearts outplayed, too tired to give Him his due.

Unbelievably, the same God that our anxious hearts so easily drift from stands calling. He beckons our hearts to come and play in the fountain of His grace and drink from the cup of His unconditional love.

To be filled with the awe of God again we need only to pull away from the world’s coming attractions and take some time to gaze upon Him. Stop and look again at his visible handiwork around you. Draw up a chair to His Word for some soul nourishing bread. Sit and rest at His nail scarred feet in quiet conversation.

Our prayer….Lord, Capture our hearts again.