Top 4 Ways to Wreck Your Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you do it right, you can make this Christmas one that would make even The Grinch proud.

Top 4 Ways to Wreck Your Christmas

Here are the top 4 ways to Train Wreck Your Christmas:

1. “Do” more than “Be”. Being with those you love is overrated. It’s about quantity over quality. Make sure to pack your December calendar wall to wall so that you can feel busy and important. This way you can miss out on time with those that matter most.

2. Make Christmas about stuff. Oh sure, you make statements like, “It’s not about presents, it’s about His presence.” But who are you kidding? You’ve got shopping to do! Embrace that American consumer Christmas. Make yourself feel better by reading the Christmas story right before you open presents, this totally offsets presents being the “main thing”.

3. Over Spend.  If you’ve gotta spend, spend big! Take on that yearly guilt of giving your kids what you never had. You HAVE to get everyone a gift, even if you can’t afford it. Just roll that debt into your Happy New Year.

4. Keep Jesus in the Manger. This is probably most important. Make sure to keep a sentimental view of Jesus this Christmas….keep Jesus swaddled in the manger so you don’t have to see Him as longing to be the Lord and leader of your life. If you keep him the manger he can’t lead you any where.

Bonus: Press repeat! Keep modeling these 4 pillars of Christmas carnage every year so you can model for your family how it’s done.

Your turn! What are some other ways you’ve found to ruin this beloved holiday? Share below.