The Two Types of People in Your Church

There are two types of people in your church: wielders and watchers. Read on to discover where you land.


These are those in the church family wielding their swords as they charge onto the battlefield seeking to move the mission of God forward. Christianity to them isn’t just about going to church, it’s about being the church. Their hearts have been captured by God’s grace and they fully own the fact that they too have a part to play in the great commission. They’re investing at every level: time, talent and treasure. They’re willing to give whatever it takes for the Church of God to flourish, even if it means their life.


Watchers do the obvious, they watch. They merely watch others wield their swords in battle. Some watch to be entertained, some to criticize, and others because they’re just plain lazy.  The attraction of observing the mission of God being done at a distance is that it costs you nothing. But, here’s the truth: a life lived on the sidelines is a wasted one.

We Need You:

Be honest. Are you wielder or a watcher?  If you’re a wielder, stay in the fight. Don’t grow weary in doing good. If you are a watcher, now is the time to move from being a fan to being a follower of Jesus. Take up your sword and wield it for God’s glory. The Church needs your time, talent and treasure not on the sidelines, but on the battlefield. Everyone has a place and there is a place for everyone. Join us!

I’d love to hear from you. Share how God has been moving you toward wielding your sword for Him. 

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