The Question You Must Ask Yourself About Your Pastor

There’s a powerful question about your pastor that you must ask yourself if you’re going to truly thrive in your church.

Here it is:

Do I see my pastor as “the” pastor or “my” Pastor?

How you answer this question will determine how effective your pastor’s ministry will be in your life.

If you see your pastor as merely “the” pastor that just happens to hold the position, their ministry to you will always be limited. You’ll push back against their teaching and leadership because you don’t see them as vital and helpful to your life.

I’ve seen this too often over the years in pastoral ministry. I’ve seen it countless times in a congregant’s eyes when I’m trying to speak into their life and can see it going through one ear and out the other.

While time and faithfulness is needed in both directions to cultivate this loving relationship between pastor and congregant, many seem content to liveas if they’re above needing a pastor in their life.

But, consider this: Jesus wouldn’t have given pastors as a gift to The Church if we didn’t need them.

If you see the pastor of your church and say, “That’s my pastor….This is the pastor God has put in my life”, you’ll look to them as such. You’ll hear their preaching and teaching as a gift in your life. You’ll gladly submit to their leadership because you’ll see them as God given to your church rather than merely filling a position at a distance on Sundays.

The stories that seem to stick in our culture regarding pastors aren’t usually good ones. But, I can tell you that every pastor I know that’s been worth their salt deeply loves their people and are an enduring gift to all those that call them “my pastor.”

I know I’ve been blessed by wonderful pastors in my life. What about you?

If you’ve been blessed to be able say, “that’s my pastor”, let me encourage you to reach out to them and let them hear those encouraging words.

If not, can I encourage you to begin to invest in this much needed relationship that God’s given The Church in these last days?