The One Risk You Need to Take Today

The family and I have been hidden away in the mountains of North Carolina for the last few days. It’s been a much needed get away for all of us. I took some time in the cool of the morning to continue to work on my upcoming book, Non-Stop,  that’s coming out this fall.

Let me just say that writing a book is hard. I’m not talking about the writing itself. Anyone can discipline themselves to make the time to sit down and get it done. I’m talking about the massive emotional risk that comes with putting your work out to be consumed and evaluated by others. Multiply that risk exponentially if you choose to be transparent in writing about your own inadequacies and failures. I finished a chapter today that left me feeling naked in front of the iceberg.

Getting real about our failures with others can feel daunting. Our fears can range from feeling like our transparency will only be wasted to being afraid that others might use our honesty against us in the future. Everyone knows that the temptation to try and fashion a persona of perfection for others is real, but we also know deep down that it helps no one.

When you risk big and choose to open up about where your struggles and God’s grace meet, people are helped. You give them two wonderful gifts: fellowship in the midst of failure and hope for the future. To me, that’s worth it all.