The One Hope for Our Nation

Hope is a precious commodity. When someone feels they’ve lost it, their life truly feels unbearable.

That’s why this God breathed proverb resonates us with us all.

Prov. 12:13

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

If you’ve lived any bit of hardship at all in this life you know what this heart sickness feels like. The weight of hopelessness can at times feel bone crushing.

Are you feeling this weight? Do you feel hopeless; that your circumstance, that your life is one giant unfulfilled longing? Maybe you feel our nation is bankrupt of all hope; that we are all on a sinking ship merely marking time until it’s demise.

Yet, Jesus is here and he is coming.

He comes bringing deep life altering, soul fulfilling hope to all those that will have him.

Christ Jesus is our hope. (1 Tim 1:1)

Christian, you and I are dealers of hope. We’ve been called to give him out freely to the hopeless, to the weighed down, and to those that cannot lift themselves.

Don’t place your hope in governments or what man can accomplish. But, with reckless abandon place the full weight of your life and our nation on Jesus. He will not fail.

He is our dawn rising. He is our everything.