The Most Important Words You’ll Ever Say

We are captivated by a person’s last words. Words spoken on a death bed, a battlefield, in the moments after an accident, a last phone conversation. We are captivated by these words because they’re now valuable. The more rare an item is the more value it holds. Our last words are no different. Final words hold an infinite value because there will be no more in this life.

With this type of value in mind, I’d like you to imagine what your last words would be if you were given the opportunity to know when and where your last words would be spoken. Let’s add to this exercise by noting that you only have one minute to speak. What would you say? To whom would you say them?

Right now you are going through a process of having to narrow down from  many good words to a few final best words. These words will define you.

I’ll stop for a moment and let you think about what you’d say. Don’t read any further until you’ve done so.

I said don’t read any further until you’ve thought about it. You’re not going to listen to me are you?

OK, here’s my point: If you can decide what words are most important to you, what you would say in the last minute of your life; why aren’t you saying these valuable words now?

Don’t wait for that final unknown minute. Say these golden words now to those that need to hear them.

What would your final words be? Who are you going to share this treasure with? Take a moment and share below.