The Lie That’s Killing Your Relationships

There’s a lie that you’re telling that’s most likely holding a relationship back in your life. You could be telling this lie to a friend, a spouse, a co-worker, a boss, a parent or a child.

You tell it so often, you’re almost convinced. Almost.

Here it is: “I’m fine.” It can also be found under other aliases such as “I’m good” and “I’m alright.”

Yet, the truth is, you’re not fine, you’re not good and you are most certainly not alright.

The Reasons

Here are 3 reasons why we tell this lie:

1. We don’t know what’s wrong. The honest truth might be, you just don’t know. What you do know is something is bothering you. You’re on edge, you seem to be down all the time, life just feels like a complete  let down. You haven’t taken the time to dig deep, pray and wrestle this unknown truth to the ground. This is when you must steal away for some one-on-one time with Jesus to discover what’s going on. Until you do, everyone else has to live in the wake of your emotional upheaval. While you’re in this discovery mode, let key people around you know that you’re walking through something, but you don’t know what it is. Ask them to be praying for you.

2. We don’t like the truth. Sometimes we tell the lie because we just don’t like the truth. We feel like if we say it out loud all of the sudden it will be real. Here’s the truth: it already is. Denial isn’t going to make this go away. Part of integrity is being able look at difficult truths about ourselves and our circumstances and call it for what it is. Own it.

3. We don’t want to face the conflict. Then there are times when we know the truth, we’re just afraid of what sharing it will bring. We don’t want to have an argument, hurt someone’s feelings, lose a friendship or make someone angry. But, what if it’s for the best? While surgery is painful, it’s done to bring healing. Avoiding the surgery doesn’t make the disease or wound go away, that just brings further infection. Embrace the hard conversation, healing is found there.

The Remedy

As Christian’s we’ve been called to be lovers and tellers of truth. I’m not saying you need to voice every truth to everyone. You do, however need to share it with those it concerns. The other person in your life isn’t working with all the info because you’re keeping it from them.

This slow burn inside of you will find its way out one way or another, in a healthy or destructive way. It’s going to come out. I want to challenge you to say what needs to be said. Go, “share the truth in love.” (Eph. 4:15)

Trust Jesus. Trust, that he’s at the end of that truth-filled conversation waiting there for you no matter what comes of it.

Trust Him. No more lies, only truth.

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