Take Off Your Mask

Would you give those around you a gift?

Take off your mask.

Take Off The Mask


We want to know the real you. We don’t want the version of you that you think we want. We’d much rather have the real, raw, imperfect you rather than a cheap knock off of anything less.

I know it’s scary. I’ve been there. The idea of others seeing the reality of my fears, flaws and failures causes knots to form in my stomach and my palms to sweat. Why? Because many times I’m afraid if those blemishes are seen by others I’ll be  rejected.

However, I’ve found the opposite to be true. People want the real thing. They want the genuine article. People are drawn to people that are comfortable i their own skin.

Wouldn’t you rather have people around you that knew the real you and loved you any way?

Besides, it’s exhausting trying to keep the right mask on for the right people. Always working to craft an image of yourself where people think you’re smarter, more insightful, more clever, more caring, more holy, than you really are.

So you’re not perfect. Get in line. You’re under construction like the rest of us.

When you finally get to the place of being honest about who and where you are….you’ll find freedom there.