Pulling Weeds

Today I was reminded of a lesson God taught me a few years ago as I was on a prayer walk on our church property. Our church sits on 62 acres in the woods, so there is plenty of room to roam. As I walked up our church drive way I stopped and looked at our church sign near the road and God clearly spoke to me these words, “Pull up some of those weeds under the sign.”

Odd. I know.

It was clearly the Holy Spirit speaking. I walked over and began to pull weeds all the while saying out loud, “Why do I need to pull weeds? I’m out here to pray. This is why we use weed killer.” I began to think that maybe this would be one of those miraculous moments that because I was out here pulling weeds someone would drive by and say, “God told me you’d be here” or something. Nope.

God said, “Pull.” Another few minutes went by as I grappled with the wild onions in the soil when all of the sudden He spoke to me  these words, “It’s been a long time since you’ve obeyed me with something this small. (Some Silence)  Nathan, I don’t just want your obedience on the things you perceive as a big deal: ministry, family, the big do’s and don’ts. I want it all. Obedience is better than sacrifice.”

I kneeled there on the ground for few moments hit hard by the truth.

I prayed, “Lord, I’m yours.”

He said, “Now, you can go pray.”

I listened and obeyed.

Upon reflection I was reminded that we many times miss out on great miracles that God desires to do in and through us because we don’t obey the smaller steps that lead to those miracles. There might be small tasks, but there’s no such thing as small obedience. When God says pull weeds……pull.

Would you commit to grow with me in this area?