Praying Outside The Box

It’s been said that having vision is the ability to see a preffered future. This could be seeing a preferred future for your life, family, career, relationships, ministry or church. Now we all have our preferences, so for the follower of Jesus we need to be tapping into God’s preffered future for our lives.

Did you catch that? God has a vision for your life and it’s a good one. I didn’t say easy, I said good, because everything God puts together is just that….good.


Here’s how you can come to know and own this God breathed vision:

1. Seek to know what should be. As Christ followers we should be longing to be live out what He commands. This is why Jesus instructed his followers to “teach all that I have commanded.” Why? Because once you know his commands you can then go and live them out.

2. Seek to know what could be. This is where we need a gift of faith to see what God could do in our lives. Here, the focus isn’t on what isn’t there, but what could be there with God’s help and our obediance. Jesus said, “With God all things are possible.” We don’t have the right to limit God in any area of our life. Jesus was never meant to live in the box we like to put him in. So the challenge then is to lay every of our life before God and pray, “God, show me what could be in every area of my life. Help me dream with you about my future.”

Wrapping Up: As you craft a fresh vision for your life, pray this way:

1. Pray about what God is saying should be happenning in your life. In what areas is he calling you to closer obediance?

2. Lay before God specific areas of your life and ask Him to help you dream about what could be in your spiritual growth, your marriage, your relationships, your parenting, your church, your career path, your health, your finances….don’t limit God. Remember, nothing is impossible God!

Praying with you.