Praying Outside Our Bubble

The focus of our prayers tend to focus on ourselves and people we know. Sometimes we venture off and pray for someone we don’t know because someone we know tells us about a need. Yet, the reality is we live in a bubble, which means we have to go the extra mile in praying for people outside our sphere of influence.

Over the next few days we’re going to be praying for people and needs outside of that bubble. Today we pray for our community.Praying Outside Our Bubble

Here are some needs that I know are in every community that we can lift up in prayer:

community leaders

teachers and administrators in local schools

mercy and care for the poor

law enforcement officials

care for foster children and orphans

pray for God to bring a revival in your area, that many would come to know and follow Jesus

pray for God to send new church planters to plant in your community

Spend some time praying about how God wants to use you specifically to be in salt and light where you are. Listen. Commit. Act.

I’m praying with you.