Pentecostal Pet Peeve

Spiritual Pet Peeve: Someone believing that having a Spirit led church service means throwing out what God directed you to plan earlier for doing something different in the moment.

Here’s why this bothers me so much. This is a shallow view of God. The premise of this argument is it doesn’t matter what God directed you to do in prayer earlier this week regarding the worship service, it matters what He’s saying now. This suggests that some how God is a schizophrenic: “Why bother praying and preparing about the upcoming service, God’s going to change his mind anyway.”

These are the same people that grew up thinking that a great worship service was when the pastor didn’t “get to preach” and the worship music went on the entire time. What is the purpose of  the local church? Answer: to be equip and mobilize for the great commission. This happens primarily through the teaching and preaching of the word.

Here’s how I seek to allow the Holy Spirit to lead in our weekend worship services:

1. I pray constantly about the direction of our focus in the preaching and teaching of our church body. When the Holy Spirit speaks we move that direction because He’s leading.

2. Our team doesn’t go into each service “hoping” the Holy Spirit will move, we know He will. We know the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of people in hundreds of ways. We’re ready and open to facilitate this in any way He sees fit. But, we first start with the biblical call for worship and the teaching and preaching of the Word.

The Holy Spirit is Christ’s gift to the church. Let’s embrace what He wants to do during the singing, the preaching of the word, in the altars and in prayer, but let’s not fall into the trap of thinking “Spirit-led” means this shallow thinking of zero planning and flying by the seat of our pants all the time.

We really can have both:  a high view of the Word of God AND be empowered by the Spirit.

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