My Successes and My Battle to Share Them

A few days ago I posted an article entitled  Mistakes I Made and Lessons I Learned in 2011 and I was asked by a friend when they would see a post on my successes for 2011. I acknowledged the suggestion with some less than stellar enthusiasm and moved on.

“Who writes about their successes?”, I asked myself later in the day. Isn’t that prideful?

To be honest, it’s always been easier for me to share my failures.



What if people think I’m arrogant? What if they think I’m a prideful jerk?  What if they don’t agree that I had a win in that area?

If you’ll notice, all of the above questions are based on the fear of other’s perceptions.

Here are two facts I’ve realized:

1. People that don’t truly know you will believe what they want to believe.

2. People manage their own perceptions, not you.

If I’m not willing to share what God has done through me; I’m robbing God of  His glory. I’m also robbing myself and others of an opportunity to give Him that glory!

It’s ridiculous to think that people can only learn from my failures and not my successes. That means as a writer and communicator I need to be sharing both well.

So… are my wins from 2011:

1. God gave my family and I the faith to take the giant leap to move across the country and pastor a wonderful church: RCC!

2. I’ve answered the call by God to leverage my gift of writing so I can invest in others at a distance.

3. By God’s grace and the help of a wonderful team; I’ve been able to lead our church through a successful year of pastoral transition.

4. God has stretched me as a husband and father to better serve my wife and kids this year as my wife has transitioned into nursing.

5. This year has allowed me to mature greatly in the area of handling criticism as a leader.


Bottomline: Don’t let fear keep you from sharing how God’s using you for His glory. You can’t tell others that God wants to move through them if you aren’t willing to acknowledge when He moves through you.

Now it’s your turn. What successes in 2011 do you want to give God glory for? I challenge you to share at least one below.