Lion-Like Courage

During the month of January each year our church puts a laser like focus on our partnerships in local and global missions. Along with this I’ve been making arrangements over the last few months to be with our missionaries on the ground where they are. As I make plans to be with them for a few days, I’m struck with the fact that these men and women have given their lives to work the harvest fields. They’ve made “home” wherever God leads.

This type of “Go any where , do anything” that God leads speaks to an immeasurable courage that many American Christians don’t know or  understand.

Our prayer focus today is to pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, to be bold witnesses where we are and at the same time, to be willing to go anywhere for the cause of Christ. Let’s pray that God would lovingly kick down the boundaries we might have built when we’ve told God we’ll only go “this far” and no further.

Father, set our hearts ablaze with an all-consuming passion, to be at the ready to move at your very word. Loose our feet from muddy ditches of our culture that lure us to walk a slow, self-seeking pace. Place an urgency in our heart that shows up in our daily walk. That whether we’re walking into a village or a board room, a classroom or a living room; we’re courageous for your name’s sake. Move us to action. Move us in your boldness. We are your mouth piece. We are your hands and feet. Never let us shrink back………………Give us lion-like courage through your Spirit we pray!


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