Let Others Sing Your Praises

The world looked on in amazement recently as Jamaica’s Usain Bolt bolted through the  Olympics winning every sprinting event. In response to his dominant perfomance Bolt told the press, “I am a Legend.”

While the head of the Olympic committee responded that more time was needed to see if Bolt’s legacy would prove his statement true, I was reminded of an important truth: we shouldn’t write our own reviews.

To this point Jesus shares a parable about a man who goes to a banquet and sits himself at one of the head places of honor at the table. The embarassment comes when the man that assumed the seat of honor has to be removed. Jesus goes on to share that the man should have sat humbly in the lowest place and if the master of the house wanted to bring him up he could.

The issue that Jesus is speaking to is our desire to promote ourselves instead of allowing God and others to raise us up. Usain Bolt defining himself as a legend is like the man who sits himself at the head of the table. Bolt should let another sit him in that place of honor.

Check out this verse in Proverbs:

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;
a stranger, and not your own lips. (Proverbs 27:2 ESV)

No one wants to hear someone sing their own praises.

Several months ago I was meeting with a family new to our church. As I shared with them the history of our church and my background, one of them asked if I really had what it took to lead a church at my age. I thought for a moment and then responded, “I think the best people to ask that question would be the elders of our church. They sit under my leadership and they could best speak to my abilities.”

It’s better for my fellow elders to speak to my capacity as a leader because they are the ones that experiance it each week.

You were created to be amazing for God’s glory. Just make sure that others are talking about your legendary God given awesomeness and not you.