Lean On Me

Much of the time we walk through life looking into mirrors focused on ourselves. We desperately are in need of God to turn our hearts from mirrors to looking out windows, looking to the needs of others.

Read Paul’s words to the local church in Galatia:

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Gal 6:2

I love this verse. It paints the picture of us getting under someone else’s burden and helping them carry what’s heavy in their life. Then Paul reveals a profound truth: this is how we fulfill the law of Christ.

What law?

“Love one another.”

When we move beyond words and help carry someone else’s load out of love, we’re fulfulling the law of Christ.

Lean On Me

Let me direct our prayer today by asking us to pray two distinct prayers:

1. Ask God to show you a specific person that is carrying a heavy burden. Ask Him to allow you to feel the weight spiritually and emotionally that they’re walking through.

2. Now ask God to show you how you can spiritually and practically get under that burden with them and help them “bear” it.

I’m hesitant to give you ideas here in fear you might choose one instead of being led by the Holy Spirit, but these might be: asking them if you can pray with them, let them talk through what’s on their heart, take something off their task list, cry with them, write them a card, give them a financial gift. Don’t feel like you need to rescue them, that’s not your job.  Just pray, listen, and obey.

Praying with you.

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