Why Jesus Hates Violent Video Games

I’m heartbroken tonight.

As Christian parents in a relativistic culture of consumerism, my wife and I are in a daily battle to protect and equip our kids in the world around them.

Our latest obstacle has been violent video games in relation to our two boys. They’ve been around friends recently who are near their age and are allowed to play them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get the draw. Boys especially grow up playing cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, war, and battle. I even admit I found myself getting in to war type video games when I was a young adult. However, as I matured I began to realize that these games were contrary to where Jesus desires to lead us.

At first my frustration was with the video game industry that creates “games” out of killing. However, this shouldn’t be a surprise. We can’t expect a Godless industry to produce Godliness.

Call of Duty

My heartbreak lies more with Christ followers who play in these virtual killing fields.

The most prevalent argument from others and even my kids (who claim “all” their friends play them) is that “it’s only a game.”

But here’s the truth: Just because we attach the word “game” to a form of entertainment doesn’t mean it isn’t evil.

Would you agree there would be an outcry in the streets if they made a video game out of performing abortions? I know the thought is sickening, but now think about how awful and evil it is to make a game out of killing adults!

Even if we’re put into the horrible position of having to defend ourselves with lethal force, should we still not value human life, and find it difficult? Making “fun” games out of such scenarios only cheapens human life and is against everything Jesus calls us to.

Christian men and women, I challenge you to choose to stand against the  tide of our culture and say no to these type of games. Let’s point society back to the truth that Jesus died and rose again because human life is valuable in his sight. Endure the temporary rejection of your kids and mockery of society and say this is wrong. In doing so you will point to what is right.