If Your Pastor Could Ask For One Thing….

Churches are full of targets that Satan desires to take out: moms, dads, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, rich, poor…the church house is a target rich environment.

Yet, those that top Satan’s “Most Wanted” list are and will always be church leadership.

Jesus is the head of the church and as we know Satan worked non-stop to try to derail, frustrate, distract and kill Jesus during his ministry on earth. Jesus knew the challenges of those he had called to lead the church would not be any less daunting. Because of that he prayed for them.

Pastors are now the undershepherds for the church, called by God to lead and care for his flock. If Satan can take out pastors he can derail, frustrate, distract and kill churches. What does that mean? It means we need to be praying for the pastors in our churches.prayforyourpastor

I want you to consider what your church leaders face on a regular basis:

The weight of crafting, carrying and sharing the vision of the church

the financial stress of navigating a non-profit organization

the responsiblilty of leading and developing other leaders

an expectation to have a word from the Lord all the time

the responsibility of moving a large group that spans a wide spectrum of spiritual maturity

pastoral counseling in various family issues, crises and tragedy

bringing loving correction and counsel to those that need it

enduring constant critism

temptation of every kind

The list goes on.

Take some time today and pray for your church leaders. Here are some guideposts to help you along. Pray for them: wisdom, that they’d be led by the Spirit, endurance, strength, boldness, courage, bigger faith, thick skin, provision for them and their families, renewed joy, protection from temptation, their spouse and family, that they’d have deep friendships…..

Now ask God how you can personally come along side your church leadership to be a help to them and their God given vision for the church. Then go do it.

I’m praying with you.


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