Stop Being a Poser and Get Real

When I was a kid I wanted to be anyone else but “me”…….Fred Savage from The Wonder Years…..Ralph Machio from The Karate Kid…..The lead singer for the band ‘Warrant’….(ummm, please keep the last one just between us).

We’ve all imagined of being someone else, especially when we’re younger. What’s disturbing is when I run into adults who still want to be someone else. You know what I mean. They’re taking their life cues from other people: how they dress, walk, talk, even what they for hobbies. Their life essentially becomes an echo of someone else’s.

This is identity theft.   When I was younger we called someone trying to be someone else a “poser”. They select characteristics of someone they wish they were like and in essence put on their identity. They want to be percieved as someone other than who they are because they either don’t really know who they are or don’t value who they are. The problem is that the person ends up throwing away an oppurtunity to embrace their God given identity and develop what makes them distinct. You’ll always have more success at being who you are than trying to be someone else.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather be a real nobody than a fake somebody? 

Bottom Line: It’s great to have people you look up to as mentors and role models, but you must come to know who you are and realize your uniqueness is a God given gift.

(Let’s have some fun. Share in the comments below who you wanted to be when you were younger. Let me hear from you!)


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4 thoughts on “Stop Being a Poser and Get Real

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