I Need Your Help

After 6 years and 332 posts later I’ve made a decision to broaden my writing from not only online posts to book publishing.

The heart behind my writing has always been about helping people. Now, I need your help. I Need Your Help

Two weeks ago I kicked off a KickStarter Campaign to crowdfund my upcoming book project, Non-StopThe beauty of crowdfunding is that it allows people to invest in an upcoming project while reaping the rewards of being a part of the project from the ground up as well as recieving a copy of the book. In a lot of ways it’s like pre-ordering the book, except your also helping the book get into the people’s hands that need it.

The project goal is $5,000 and we have as of now had $2,525 pledged. The catch with KickStarter is that if you don’t raise your goal amount by the deadline (17 days from now) YOU DON’T GET ANY OF THE MONEY. That’s why I need your help.

Would you consider investing in this project? You’ll have access to behind the scenes info as the book comes together and you can be one of the first to get the book. Would you join me?

You can click HERE to see a short video about the book as well as different levels in which you can back the project. Thank you for reading and thanks for believing in me!

(P.S. After you’ve backed the project you can also help by sharing this post online. Thanks!)