How I Blew It This Weekend

I blew it this weekend.  In a conversation with my wife I allowed my pride to be wounded and I reacted badly. When the conversation could have been over I stubbornly poured gasoline on the fire and stoked an already frustrating conversation. It wasn’t at all my finest hour.

I blew it

Here’s a couple of takeaways for you to learn from my face plant:

1. Believe the best about those that love you. When faced with the choice to believe the best or worst about someone’s meaning in their words, believe the best. There”s no downside to this.

2. Don’t fuel the fire. We all know when we’re feeling  tired, grumpy, or on edge. In those moments your flesh is looking for an open door to lash out and most of the time it’s those closest to us that feel the brunt. Don’t do it. Let it go. Spend some time in prayer. Take a walk. Go to bed.

3. Own it. When you blow it like I did (and you will), take responsibility for your overreaction. < (Period)

Allow my mistake to be a redeeming help by learning from me. Thanks for reading.