Friendship not returned

As a parent you have an innate desire to keep your children from any harm. Sometimes that’s just not possible. A few years ago our family was walking into our neighborhood pool and my son Ethan saw a boy that looked like his age. Ethan is naturally friendly and he promptly introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Ethan. What’s your name?”. The boy rejected Ethan with equal effort, “I don’t care what your name is.” The look on my son’s face was heart breaking. I wanted to have a personal intervention moment with that kid, “Hey, my son Rocks! You should care.”

The reality is that  in this life this won’t be the last time my son will make an effort in a relationship and not be met half way.

It’s natural to be frustrated with people that aren’t “trying” or “investing” as much as we are in a relationship. Nothing hurts more than affection that’s not reciprocated. In the past I use to think that if I just show that person how much I care, how much I’ll sacrifice, they’ll finally see what a great person I am. I put so much energy into winning people that didn’t want to be won. Scripture states, that “in as much as it is with you, live at peace with all men.” That means we are called to do all that we can do. Bottom Line: We can’t change others, that’s God’s job. We’re not Him.

Believe it,


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