Have You Given Your Family Permission to Fail

Look upon the most intimate verse found in scripture.

James 5:16

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

Is there any verse in the Bible that commands us to be more vulnerable than this?

For most of us we’re OK with the idea of talking to God about our sin. We already know he knows and we count on him not telling anyone.

However, it is James (as always) that gets in our face to point out that there’s power in the confession of sin. Not only can it lead us toward turning our hearts back toward God, it breaks the stronghold of hidden sin that keeps us withdrawn and hidden in isolation.

And that’s the problem.

There will always be the temptation for us to keep silent out of shame and fear of consequences.

However, strategic confession is where freedom is found! I say strategic because not everyone needs to know your junk. We need those seasoned, trusted, lovers of Christ that we can go to and share our tangled soul with.

At our church we’ve  committed to being a church where we love people right where they are. We’ve said for years that it’s OK to not be OK, but by God’s grace we don’t have to stay that way. This is our church saying, that God’s love and grace is found here! While our churches must be a safe place to land, so must our homes.

I was talking with a gentleman in our church a while back and he wanted to confess to his wife that he was struggling with pornography, but he said he couldn’t open up because he had heard his wife remark, that if he ever “did something like that”, she’d leave him. He wanted to come clean, but didn’t feel it was an option. Yet, if I asked his wife if she wanted her husband to be bound up in secret sin, to suffer alone, she’d say no!

Spouses have you extended the freedom of grace toward your spouse openly and said, “I will love you through anything, no matter the pain, no matter if we have to rebuild. You need to know I want you always walking in open freedom from sin!”

Have you said the same to your children? Do they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can come to you with their brokenness and find love and a heart for restoration.

Don’t assume your loved ones know this life line is available. Have the conversation and leave the door wide open for when it’s needed.