Manhood is Drowning!

One of the scariest moments for me as a child was when I almost drowned in a Texas lake one summer. I was 9 at the time and was playing Marco Polo with some others kids when I decided to try and hide under a wide floating pier. I dove deep under the pier expecting to come up between the pontoons that were holding it afloat. I came up under the pier just as a nearby boat sent a massive wake our direction rocking the pier causing the pier to slam down on my head. I was disoriented and couldn’t find my way out. Desperate for air I found a small air pocket in an open crevice where some wood had warped. In a panic I plunged back down again swimming toward daylight where I finally came up like a whale exploding from the deep.

The desperation you feel when your lungs are about to implode makes a life long impression.

Lately, I’ve been sensing that same sense of desperation as I’ve observed the lack of Godly men willing to step into the fray and lead.

I’m angry. Angry like Jesus going to the temple and flipping tables over kind of angry.

I’m watching Christ-centered manhood drown.

It’s drowning under the weight of the false doctrine of the American dream. It’s being beat down by retirement dreams and gaming systems. It’s being held hostage by adolescence that’s long past it’s expiration date.

These young men are caught in a rip tide that’s dragging them out to sea while older, seasoned men look on criticizing the next generation as they check their checking and 401k accounts one more time.

Women and children desperate for leadership fumble for a plan b and self-help books to make due because Godly men aren’t showing up. This passivity in Christian men is staggering. They look out of the corners of their eyes hoping someone else will step forward and answer the call so they won’t have to.

This isn’t a call for perfect men. Only Jesus would qualify. I’m looking for forgiven, humble, Godly men that want to lay it on the line. Men that have tasted the grace of God and are desperate to know Him and make Him known. Men that want the ball, that want to risk, that have a fire in their belly for something greater than their own personal success.

The only remedy for this disease of passive manhood is men coming to a place of dying to themselves, picking up their cross and following Jesus.

I’m sounding the alarm and ringing the bell!

Who’s with me?

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