God is Calling

Question: Where do pastors, church planters and missionaries come from?

Answer: It depends on who you ask.

God is Calling

There’s a strange perception that has crept into the local church when it comes to people being called into ministry. Many seem to think that those “called” into ministry come from some far away magical place. The truth is, it’s easier to believe this lie than believe they might actually come from their very own church. Why? Because they’d be faced with the question, “Am I one of them?”.

To be sure, God has called every follower of Jesus to go and make disciples. Yet, for some, He calls them out for occupational ministry. God isn’t just speaking to young high school and college students. He’s calling people out of successful careers, He’s calling committed home makers, even people with their lives already planned out.

Don’t discount God’s calling. Have you opened your heart to what Jesus Christ is saying to you?

God is calling. Will you answer?