Give the World Your Gift

I’ve got issues. Enough issues that you could say I have a subscription.

For instance one of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in my ministry of writing and preaching has been the nagging feeling that everything that needs to be said has already been written and said by others. The result has been a near paralysis in writing and sharing what God has placed on my heart. Consequently my God-given gifts end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust not helping anyone.We Need Your gift

Right now Christmas music is rocking at full force in grocery and department stores, living rooms, and of course cars around the country. Have you noticed it always seems to be the same songs played every year? Have you also noticed that even though it’s the same songs sung, they’re sung by many people? Why? Because people love to hear their favorite vocalist sing their favorite songs in their style.

The same is true when it comes to God’s truths; those truth “songs” aren’t going to change. King Solomon wrote there’s “nothing new under the sun” (Eccl. 1:9). And yes those truths have been sung by many that have come before you and I, but here’s the God freeing truth for you and I: God wants the world to experience his truth and goodness through the unique gifts He’s given you.

You and I cannot create and innovate truth, but we can be a unique prism that God’s truth shines through. So, whatever your gift is as a writer, preacher, craftsmen, teacher, student, business owner, parent….whatever it is…..don’t hide your gift, let it run rampant. It may feel like the same song that’s been sung countless times, but your personality and flavor will shine through and connect with those it’s meant to.

Let’s get off the shelf and shine together.

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One thought on “Give the World Your Gift

  1. PN, You do have a wonderful gift of communication, both in writing and speaking. Do NOT let the enemy tell you, otherwise. You are a gift to our body and to all who hear/read your thoughts and insights. Your unique personality, talents and background, and mostly your passion for the Lord are reflected every time you share and we NEED to hear it. I personally, glean alot from your sharing. Thank you!

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