The Expiration Date on Relationships

Prayer Focus: Day 25

(I wrote this post just over 6 years ago and the words are still just as true. Please take them to heart.)

I think it’s fitting that I return to writing on Memorial Day. I put my writing on hold last week after I lost a dear friend last week. He had battled a health condition for over a decade. His name was Reid and he was 24. He had a beautiful mind and a gentle spirit.

I am reminded from his loss how we never know how much time we have here on this celestial ball. The profound truth is that there is an expiration date on our relationships this side of eternity. I’d like you to ponder some questions I’ve been asking myself:

Am I making time for people that I “say” I value?

Do you call many people friends but have little depth in your friendships? We make time for what’s important to us. If people in your life are important….make time.

What does my qaulity time look like with them?

Make sure you’re getting past surface conversation and on to things that matter. When they’re gone you won’t care that you talked about the weather.

Is there anything I need to say or do before one of us is gone?

Ask forgiveness and forgive where it’s needed. Communicate with them how they’ve impacted your life. What have you always wanted to say or do? No more excuses…do it.

Prayer Focus

Spend some time prayerfully considering these questions. Allow the Lord to point to truth. Is God calling you to adjust your time for what matters most? I’m praying with you.

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