>Don’t Change a Thing….

>I’ve often thought about what hell is going to be like……if it is as bad as I think it is, there will be infomercials. I continue to be amazed at the amount junk that is sold on television. One that I just got through watching was for a “fat burning” drug called Lipozene. It said that “fat accumulates on the body because of: having kids, stress, lack of exercise and poor diet. What makes this drug so great said the host is that, “You don’t have to change any part of your lifestyle.” This is crazy! But it hits home on key flaw of mankind that we want the benefits without the work. We desire the payoff without actual investment. If we truly desire change in any part of our life we must be willing to pay the price. Short cuts only produce temporary results and not those that are long lasting. Don’t buy into an infomerical lifestyle. See the need, make a plan, execute the plan and stick with it.

Changing The Channel,


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