Confessions of an Obese Pastor

This is probably the hardest post I’ve ever written…

I am obese.

Almost 6 months ago I stepped on to a scale at my doctor’s office for a yearly physical. As the nurse read off my weight, my eyes quickly found my results on the height/weight chart. There it was. You. are. obese.

I’ve shared those results with a few people and they’ve all been quick to say, “No, you’re not.” “You carry it so well.” “There are others that are really obese.” “”You can never trust those charts.”

Nope. I appreciate the sentiment, but I’m obese.

Confessions of an Obese Pastor

I’m obese, not because of a thyroid issue or bad genes. I’m obese because of my choices: choosing to eat poorly, choosing to eat more calories than I burn, choosing to eat to manage stress and choosing to eat to reward myself. All my choices.

These choices have left me tired, overweight and feeling guilt ridden for treating my God given body this way. If nothing changes, I’m at risk for losing this vehicle that carries my passion and calling. I could lose my credibility with my sons and the church family I lead.

Pastors rightly focus on the spiritual health of those they lead, but shouldn’t we as pastors being asking this question: Is it good Christian stewardship to trash this body we’ve been given? And who wants to follow someone that can’t even lead themselves? Not me. Maybe “Follow me as I follow Christ” means sometimes asking people to follow you off the couch.

It doesn’t help that pastoring tends to be a sedentary type of work, but I can’t blame this on my calling, my job or my schedule. It all comes back to choices and that’s where it all turns around.

I choose to embrace God’s grace in this area of my health. I choose to eat right. I choose to exercise. I choose to lose 30 lbs over the next 6 months.

It would be easy for me to try this on my own and not share this publicly so I could crash and burn privately, but I’m going public for the purpose of accountability, prayer and encouragement.

Care to join me?