Why Living in the Past is Killing Your Future

I just walked out of a adoption dedication ceremony for a 13 yr old girl in our church. For her it was a long time coming, and a huge milestone for the family. Along with friends and family in the room there were several hopeful kids in foster care that are waiting to be adopted themselves.

I was overwhelmed with heartache for these kids that didn’t have a Mom or Dad to care for them or call them their own. As I prayed for the young lady that was being adopted I reminded her that she does not have to live in the past. She doesn’t have to be solely defined by where she’s come from: abandoned and unwanted by her biological mother.

There are so many that live their lives that way, living out who they believe they are: broken, used up, spoiled goods, that no one wants. They walk in their shame and guilt refusing to let go of their past and move forward. They’ve become so defined by their past that to let go would mean giving up who they believe they are.

When we focus on the past (what we’ve done or what’s been done to us) we essentially let our past hijack our future. This is like mentally and emotionally getting into a time machine every day trying to live in the past. Fixating on the past paralyzes our present. More than that it breaks down the relationships around us, robs us of purpose killing our future.

Maybe the family you came from was a dysfunctional mess. Maybe choices you’ve made in the past seem to still haunt your heart and mind. Can I tell you that your past is not bigger than God’s love for you? God loves you in spite of where you’ve been and what you’ve done or even what’s been done to you! He sent His son Jesus to suffer a gruesome death on the cross to take on your sin and shame.

Put your faith in Jesus, turn from your past and embrace your brand new future with Christ! Know that God’s best for your life includes redefining who you are with His love, mercy and forgiveness. Remember this: where you are going with Jesus is more important then where you’ve been on your own.

Stop living in the past and get back to the future.

Take a few moments right now and embrace God’s forgiveness and healing for your life. Take some time and rest in His love.

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