Are You Blind to These Gifts?

There is no doubt I’m the most “unhandy” guy on the planet. Wives, if your husband is handy around the house and great with DIY projects, count yourself doubly blessed and thank the Lord above. My wife does not count herself among you. She knows I’m drastically limited in my handy man skills.

I’ve always been amazed at those that could seem to fix anything or craft something of beauty with their bare hands. It’s a gift I just don’t have. Yet, it’s a joy to watch others that have such a gift shine.

Are you able to do that? Can you enjoy someone else’s talent or gift without envy?

Most of us can easily do this when it comes to the arts: theater, music, art, etc. We can admire talent that’s meant to be enjoyed without any problem.

However, we can tend to overlook the talents and gifts of those closest to us out of familiarity. We overlook and in doing so take for granted those gifts that are shining in our face day after day. This robs us of being able to appreciate the wide spectrum giftedness in the family, friends, and strangers around us.

In the first chapter of Romans, Paul tells us that “creation declares the glory of God”. Mankind’s talents and gifts fall into this category. They point to the ultimate glory of the Gift Giver.

Our gratitude toward God and others will rise to the brim if we’ll look with fresh eyes on the God-given talents and gifts of those around us. As you thank God for those glimpses of his creativity, take a moment and point out to those around you how much you appreciate their God-given gift. In doing so you give God glory and bring encouragement.

As Christ followers let’s be the quickest to acknowledge and point out the handy work of God in others. That alone is a gift.