Are Lead Pastors Lazy?

Are lead pastors lazy? Here’s why I’m asking. On a regular basis throughout this year various people  have made comments to me about their surprise to see me as a lead pastor at a church work day, setting up chairs, taking out trash. Here’s an actual comment, “It really inspired me to see you staying late and setting chairs back up.”

I should be encouraged by this right?  Wrong. Here’s why. 

If pastors were normally serving in this way it wouldn’t be a surprise to people. What that says to me is that there is a stigma in people’s minds in regards to what lead pastors will do and not do. Most of the pastors I know are not lazy! They work hard, long hours and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. With that said it’s important that every pastor is modeling well in this area.

Here are  2 ways pastors can overcome this stigma:

1. You can’t do everything, but what you can do, do it. I can’t be at every event nor help after every function, but when I can I should be in the trenches. Nothing says follow me, like leading out front.

2. Be the first to sign up for what you’re asking those you lead to do. If you’re asking others to give, be the first to give generously. If it’s asking others to sign up for a small group, sign up yourself. If it’s serving, go serve. Leaders can’t ask people to go where they are not willing to go themselves.

No matter what area you might lead in, you must lead out front. Your role as a leader might be more strategic than hands on at times. But, when you do have an opportunity to be on the front lines in serving, model it well. Servant leaders serve.

Your turn! What else can leaders do to model a strong work ethic for those they lead? Please share below.