A Mother’s Report Card

May 12, 2013

To A Wonderful Mother: Erin Rouse,

After almost 10 years of Motherhood I felt it was time for an assessment of your performance as mother to our two boys. The following is your 1 Decade Report Card as a Mom:

Conflict Management: A+  “Erin continues to excel in this area with her two boys. Whether it’s negotiating whose turn it is for video games or who is right in whatever the current argument is, Erin is able to keep her cool and bring peace to potential “nuclear” situations.”

Spiritual Guidance: A+ “Erin consistently points her boys back to the Lord when they’ve gone astray in their thinking or actions. Her continual partnership with their Dad makes spiritual guidance attainable.

Discipline: A+ “As a Mom Erin helps affirm great boundaries that have been set up in the home. She brings a great balance to the Dad in the house who sometimes needs to “lighten up.”

Resource Management: A+ “Between entertaining the boys, keeping up with the house, and working full time as a nurse, Erin excels in keeping all her plates spinning. But Woe unto the male in the house that causes one of these plates to crash!”

Servant Leadership: A+ “Erin continues to be a model of God’s love. Unconditional giving, putting others first and just doing what needs to be done without complaint.”

Culinary Skills: A+ “From experimenting with various new Pinterest recipes, to her infamous Strawberry Parfait, Erin is renowned for her massive culinary chops. All the other kids in the neighborhood are jealous!”

Fun: A+ “Some moms let their kids have fun, this Mom plans for it. Her long term family fun planning always keeps something to look forward to on the horizon. She’s making memories come to life every year!”

Motherhood GPA: 4.0

Motherhood Honor Society: Recognized and Approved

Further Comments: If the next 10 years are anything close to the last 10 years, our children will leave home with a legacy gift. One that was crafted and given to them by a mother who loved and cared for them dearly. Our boys are becoming great young men because of you!

Erin and Boys

“Pay to all what is owed to them: …respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.” Romans 13:7

Love You Baby!