A Christian Response to the Riots in Baltimore

I woke up throughout the night thinking and praying about the ongoing riots in Baltimore. I’m heartbroken and angry. In the midst of those emotions there’s a Christ honoring response that’s called for. Would you consider these?

1. Pray.  I’m convinced prayer is the most underused asset we have as believers. Let’s pray first for peace, safety, and that love and truth would be demonstrated by our brothers and sisters in Christ there in Baltimore.

2. Guard Your Words.  It’s easy for us to begin to toss our own verbal tear gas as we critique and comment from a distance. Let’s let our words be seasoned with love and hope in person and on social media.

3. Distinguish the Difference Between Protesters and Rioters. There are legitimate racial grievances that are being addressed by peaceful protesters in our nation. Do not confuse these with those that seek to merely hijack racial tension for the sake of looting and violence.

We have an opportunity today to give an answer to the hope we have in Christ in the midst of these tense times. Let’s not miss it.

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2 thoughts on “A Christian Response to the Riots in Baltimore

  1. I like this, and will join you in praying. Regarding #3, I’m not sure if the distinction is that clear cut; I think maybe you’ve pointed out the two ends of a spectrum rather than a dichotomy. I think some folks, rightly or wrongly, are expressing their legitimate grievances more aggressively because they feel that that’s the avenue that’s open to them. Some are opportunists hijacking the situation, sure, but others might believe loud, less-peaceful actions are the best (or only) way to be heard. I’m not trying to justify anything, but rather want to suggest that the situation in Baltimore, and our country, is messy enough to evade easy distinctions. Regardless, I’m 100% with you in praying for peace and reconciliation through it all.

  2. I agree that prayer is needed more than ever. I also agree that some people of this nation have had no voice for decades and sincerely believe that without loud and less-peaceful actions, they will never be heard. Many suffer in silence until death while the majority go about their lives with blinders on, still believing life is rosey. I , too, join you in pray, but will also take every opportunity to actively move/influence/speak out when confronted with ignorance, hate and injustice.

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