A Christian Response to the Riots in Baltimore

I woke up throughout the night thinking and praying about the ongoing riots in Baltimore. I’m heartbroken and angry. In the midst of those emotions there’s a Christ honoring response that’s called for. Would you consider these?

1. Pray.  I’m convinced prayer is the most underused asset we have as believers. Let’s pray first for peace, safety, and that love and truth would be demonstrated by our brothers and sisters in Christ there in Baltimore.

2. Guard Your Words.  It’s easy for us to begin to toss our own verbal tear gas as we critique and comment from a distance. Let’s let our words be seasoned with love and hope in person and on social media.

3. Distinguish the Difference Between Protesters and Rioters. There are legitimate racial grievances that are being addressed by peaceful protesters in our nation. Do not confuse these with those that seek to merely hijack racial tension for the sake of looting and violence.

We have an opportunity today to give an answer to the hope we have in Christ in the midst of these tense times. Let’s not miss it.