#005 Leading Your Spouse Toward Spiritual Health [Podcast]


A couple of weeks I wrote on meeting The Four Needs of Every Wife. This episode is all about how husbands can help lead their wife toward having their spiritual needs met.

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how husbands can help meet the spiritual needs of their wife

Show Notes:


Helping Your Wife Spiritually:

1. Emphasize “Being” Before Leading

2. Break the Prayer Barrier – Night Light: A Devotional for Couples by James Dobson

3. Remember You’re Her Husband, Not Her God

4. Lead Toward Community


Hero Question:

Adam writes, “You mentioned in a recent episode this idea of discipline and spanking your kids, can you talk about what that looks like practically in your home?”

Check out this post: Why and How I Spank My Kids

3 Reasons that prompt a spanking: (*just my philosophy)

1. Lying: We lie for one of two reasons: to get what we don’t deserve, or to not get what we do deserve. Lying absolutely eats away at the foundation of a child’s developing character. If I’m to help mold and shape my boy’s character, there can be no toleration of lying in these formative years.

2. Hitting out of anger: Everyone gets angry, but violence can never be seen as a proper response to someone making them angry. I don’t want my boys growing up to be men that hit their wives, their kids, their boss, or whoever just because they’re angry.

3. Rebellion: Rebellion is sin to God, so it is when my kids rebel against their mom and I’s direct instruction. We are seeking to teach our boys to humbly follow those in authority in their lives.


1. Never Spank in Anger: Whether what my boys have done has made me angry or not, I never spank immediately after the offense. I send them up to my room to wait. This does two things: It allows them to think about why they’re getting a spanking and it also gives me time to cool off if I am upset.

2. Clarify the why: I first make sure that my boys clearly understand the “why” behind the spanking. My boys know by heart the 3 above reasons for a spanking.

3. Set Limits on yourself: Limit force. You want the spanking to be uncomfortable, not injure. Limit your number of swats. I do 3 every time. Again, spanking should not be done haphazard. Have a loving plan.

4. Hug and Hold: Obviously, my kids don’t like to be spanked and it’s immediately apparent during and right after the spanking, but once they’ve calmed down a bit, they almost always sit next to me as I hug and hold them for a bit. They don’t doubt I love them.

5. Lead to Repentance: Repentance is turning our hearts from evil and embracing God’s best. After the spanking I tell them I love them and encourage my boys to pray a prayer of repentance to the Lord. If repentance is needed with someone else in the family, I encourage that as well.

Let me hear from you. What do you do to help meet your wife’s spiritual needs? Share below!

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