#004 How Men Find Their Value [Podcast]


Buckle up for a truth ride.  In this podcast we look at where men find their value and validation.

How Men Find Their Value

Show Notes:

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“Men complain that they do not understand women, but often they simply do not understand themselves.” –Edwin Louis Cole from his book Communication Sex and Money

Validation Traps for Men:

1. The Pit of Performance

2. The Stuff Quicksand

3. The Holy Grail of Manhood, Acceptance

Phil. 3:2-14

Think it through:

1.      In light of these traps men try to find value, which one are you most prone to fall into. (Performance, Gathering Stuff, Seeking Approval) What does this look like in your life?

2.      What is God calling you to lay down? How will you replace that loss of perceived value?


Hero Question:


How do I disciple my kids?

1. Make a Plan. Start out by committing to sit down with your kids for a family devotion 3-4 times a week. Don’t try to go for it every single day, life happens. Share that plan with your family. (Going public helps with accountability)

2. Pray with them. I say “with them” because many parents make the mistake of taking the lead and praying every time they gather. Modeling is great, but allow your kids the opportunity to pray as well.

3. Teach them the Bible. That means as parents we’re going to need to be reading the Bible to have something to share. If you get to a passage you don’t understand, do some study and/or ask someone a bit further along in their understanding. Read or allow your child to read a passage of scripture and then talk about it. Draw out the principles you see and talk about how they can be applied in our everyday lives. (I recommend these.) (HAVE FUN!)

4. Leave time for questions. Some of the greatest teaching moments with my boys have been in their bottomless questions. Don’t get stressed by the rabbit trails that lead to other topics. Go with them. You’ll be amazed at where they lead you. Embrace the journey.

5. Do ministry with them. Allow your kids to see and do ministry with you. This takes ministry beyond theory and brings it alive to them.

Your Turn! I’d love to hear from you below. What traps have you fallen into in the pursuit of validation? Share below!
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