4 Ways Christians Can Shine During Our Government Shutdown

The government shutdown has hit the fan and is impacting thousands of homes across America. From government employees to contractors, to medical researchers and our military; everyone agrees this is a mess. However this is a great opportunity for the Church to shine!

government shutdown

Here are Four actions Christians can be doing to help:

1. Pray: For those families that are feeling this in the pocket book, at kitchen tables and in hospitals, this is more than just a political argument, these are desperate times. Let’s pray that God would provide for every need: feed every mouth, cover every bill and calm hearts. Pray for our President and his administration as well as congress to be given heavenly wisdom and guidance to lead our country out of this budgetary crisis.

2. Ask to Help: Many of us know people that are being affected by the shutdown. Don’t assume they’re fine. Take the extra moment to call, write or text to see how they are. Ask them about their practical needs. Offer to bring over a meal. If they say no thanks, bring them one any way or maybe a gift card! This is a great time to use your gift of encouragement to lift someone’s head.

3. Watch Your Tone: No matter what your political leanings, it’s crucial as a follower of Jesus that we watch our words. Not only our words, but our tone. Part of the reason our government is where it is today is that our society has lost the art of civility. Christians of all people should be the most loving in our passionate stances and in our commentary of current events. You can absolutely take a stand, just bathe it in love.

4. Be the Change: You should be actively engaged in our political system. Vote, call your representatives, run for office! Don’t just sit passively on the sidelines complaining. Steward your God given citizenship well by participating as God leads you.

What we do right now matters. Let’s step up and shine!

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