4 Lies We Tell Ourselves

I’m a liar. It’s habitual. On a regular basis I tell myself lies that are simply not true. So I’m calling them out. Dragging a lie out into the light forces it to kneel before the truth.

Here are 4 lies we tell ourselves:

1. Things will never change. – This one is especially gruesome because it allows me to give up and just accept the status quo thus alleviating me from any responsibility. This isn’t true. Life is constantly changing. You haven’t always been where you are and you won’t always be where you are.

2. No one cares as much as I do. – When I’m under stress there is a narrowing of horizontal vision.  It becomes increasingly difficult to see the investments of others and the context in which they’re living. This could be my wife, or those I work with. Don’t buy into the lie that you’re the only one doing anything. Open your eyes.

3. It’s all my fault. – There are very few circumstances in life that are just one persons fault. Own what’s yours and lighten up.

4. God could never use me. – This lie has paralyzed me many times. This lie longs for you to believe that you are the exception to Christ’s work on the cross and the gifts that scripture states He gives everyone. Don’t believe it.

 Bottom line: Lies we tell ourselves are just as destructive as lies we tell others. Scripture states that we should take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. Be a truth teller.  Things will change. There are others that care. It’s not always your fault. God can use anyone.

Your turn: What lies do you sometimes tell yourself? What’s the new truth that you need to tell yourself? Please share below.